About Story

Chapter I.

The Modern Legend of Lost Garden


According to Genesis records, the first garden in the world was a living world created by God for Adam, called the Garden of Eden. Due to Adam and Eve's greed for stealing the forbidden fruit, they were expelled to leave Eden. In order to make up for the longing for the garden, Eve built one garden after another in the mortal world.

As an unnatural natural thing created by human hands, the garden has a certain divinity that transcends the secular since its birth. People in the past needed gardens so much, and they built their yearning for a better life and utopia on the garden.

No one reject nature, flowers and life. INSTEEL uses objects as the carrier to bring perceptual garden images into people's lives and create a beautiful life with people.



没有人能拒绝自然、鲜花与生命,INSTEEL 以物为载体,将感性的花园意象带入人们的生活,与人们一同打造美好生活的模样。

Chapter II.

Daily Imagination from Industry Machine


The initial development of urbanization was based on the anti natural way. Human use natural environment to create an industrial society. City records the living community symbols from things.

The relationship between human beings and "reinforced concrete" is not antagonistic. From the perspective of transcending daily life, we can re-examine urban symbols, export romantic products, and refresh our thinking towards daily life.